Sitting on the ledge (by Elle-May Leckenby)


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Ataraxy: a state of serene calmness

Nico used to be scared shitless.

About feeling them, about saying them.

About losing their meaning after over use.

The funny thing is that he doesn’t remember when it happened exactly. When the warmth sort of settled, when it became constant and sure as another breath, as another beat.

In some moment he can’t pinpoint, it felt like a luxury that it had become a habit. The fact that they fell from his lips like laughter, like whispers, like prayers and goodnights and goodmornings. It felt effortless, even if he could still remember how much he had to fought, how much they struggled to reach them.

They didn’t lose meaning. They flicker, a rainbow of colors refracting from just one clear light.

They have become a part of him, a part he encounters every time he breathes him in when they are trying to wake up, when they fight but he doesn’t shadowtravel, when he is tired and done but nothing is as warm as Jason.

He chokes and drowns in them. They hurt him, sometimes. But it must hurt Jason too, so he decided he can live with that.

He can’t stop now. He doesn’t want to.

And that’s okay.

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sup mortals

I’m gonna try planning my days out again because I am completely capable of sticking with it… maybe


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livestreams of people doing art are so much fun like wow… you do the art that way… nice


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Jason has his needy day and only Frank is nearby xD