8. She’s fucking badass. Let her be badass. And not in a relationship. Let her be on her own terms. Not tied down by worry of someone other than herself. She’s survived this long with just herself. Let it be a thing. She’s a survivor. Keep her aloof.

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Bianca gets flustered super easily and Thalia can’t resist uwu







pbbbbttt i just want more friendship guys. 

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♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon for Jason Grace

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

It’s canon that he kept a scrapbook via bulletin board on the Argo II, and I like to imagine his collection growing as he gets older. Ticket stubs; wrist bracelets from events, festivals, clubs, etc.; and a larger collection of photography. I don’t think he ever seriously gets into photography (well, except in photography aus, but whatever), but I do think he eventually becomes the friend who takes everyone else’s picture constantly. It all comes from his wish that he won’t forget everyone again.

He likes to sleep in hammocks (I also mentioned that here). It’s the closest thing he can get to sleeping in the skies without plummeting to his death. Again. On slow summer days he likes to take a book out to the lake at Camp Half-Blood and set up a hammock and nap without making any progress on the book at all. 

He hates traveling by plane on non-quest related travel ventures. It’s in the sky, great, but he can’t move around. It’s a large cylinder contraption that he’s stuck in and can’t get out for hours because there’s no way the mist would make that a good picture for the mortals to see. 

He doesn’t drink alcohol and volunteers as dd every time he’s at an event with friends that serves alcoholic beverages. He has a reason for it, but only Reyna knows why and she’s been sworn to secrecy.

He’s left handed.

anniallation asked:
do cooking and friendship headcanons for piper :)))

♒ - cooking/food headcanon

Piper’s dad usually left her in the care of someone who could cook whenever he was busy, but by the time she was ten, she decided she wanted to do things for herself. She picked up cooking skills around that time, but she’s neither really good or really bad. Her favorite thing to cook and eat is a rice-broccoli-black beans-topped with creamy butter garlic sauce- combination. She also really likes snackbars, cerealbars, or anything that comes in a bar to munch on when she needs something small.

She’s been vegetarian for almost as long as she’s been cooking. Her father’s supportive of her diet, and has even started eating a similar diet because of it (although he still eats meat). Because of living in a high income house, it’s easier for her to have access and consume stuff like Whole Foods. When she’s at either camp or New Rome, she’ll sometimes bring organic snacks for people to try. Leo says she’s on constant snack duty because of it. Totally has a naturebox subscription for herself and also pays for one for Camp Half-Blood. 

☮ - friendship headcanon

Piper always retains a great relationship with Leo and Jason. There’s some ups and downs, but there’s a special bond you form with the people you went on your first quest with.

After the war, people look up to her (especially Aphrodite kids), and she feels uncomfortable being held up on a pedestal and getting that kind of attention. Because of this, it’s hard for her to extend friendship out of the main Heroes of Olympus circle of characters for awhile.

People see her as a guide and mentor since she’s Aphrodite cabin’s head counselor, but she feels lost most of the time. Annabeth is usually her go-to for her own advice because she sees Annabeth as a cool confident woman and role model. Because of this, her strongest and closest friendship ends up being with Annabeth.

Piper builds up a friendship with Reyna through training. After Hazel taught Piper everything she knew about sword fighting, Piper realizes she still wants to continue training even though she figures the pinnacle of her demigod career has been reached with Gaea’s defeat. It’s a good way to exercise, and it doesn’t help to be prepared. So, she goes to Reyna since Reyna is still heavily involved with the legion and demigod business, and Reyna accepts. They can be seen jogging in the early morning hours around Camp Jupiter on Wednesdays, and demonstrating correct swordfighting technique in the field behind the barracks in the afternoon.

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"I like it a lot better when you aren’t glaring at me," Piper admitted with a small, honest smile.  

Calypso glanced at her for a moment. “Keep smiling like that and you might never see me glare at you again.”



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