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pipabeth is such a lovely ship<3

here’s my art process for a drawing i did of them:)



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luxxyluffy replied to your post “This is a weird question…”

That rant was so interesting why did you stop? Lol I dont even ship them together and I liked it for half a second

I mostly stopped for brevity and time’s sake (It’s 2am for me).

Glad you liked it for half a second though 8)

Anonymous asked:
This is a weird question...but do you ship Jason/frank? And if you do, do you have any headcannons for them....?

I let out a noise when I read this message because I love Jason/Frank A LOT. Interest and content for Frank ships is rare, so I’ve never had many opportunities to mention it anywhere on this blog.

When it comes to relationships, neither of them take direct approaches. Both of them are fond of laying a solid foundation before building up, and unless provoked by a love interest who is active/direct, they will comfortably stroll through the relationship building process at a snail’s pace.

Although they’ve chosen different paths in regards to leadership, they both have a fundamental understanding of what it takes to be one. However, Frank’s new to the Praetor, Camp Jupiter, and demigod scene. The war with Gaea strengthened his leadership skills and battle skills, but it didn’t do a whole lot for his political skills and handling Camp Jupiter. While Reyna is there next to him to help him every step of the way, Frank thinks that it would slow down post war decisions to have Reyna hold his hand until he’s used to everything. So, he figured it would be a lot easier to ask Jason to play catch-up considering Jason’s been a Camp Jupiter resident since he was two and Praetor for an undetermined amount of time, and he doesn’t have as many crushing responsibilities as Reyna now that he’s stepped down. 

Both of them are cuddly affectionate people at their core, but it’s a lot more obvious in Frank’s demeanor than it is with Jason. It takes a long time for Jason to get comfortable enough around someone to unwind and not appear straight-laced and militant. He comes off stoic at first, but after already having survived Gaea at his side, Frank is patient enough to eventually see through that persona.

They have a lot of coffee dates— sorry, “battle strategy meetings.” They also both have a sweet tooth although Frank is more considerate about what he intakes because of his lactose intolerance. Jason inhales anything.

I’m gonna stop here for now 8)


kamala doodles

Anonymous asked:
Romantic headcannon for frank zhang owo

♡ - romantic headcanon

You know traditional gestures of romance and chivalry? Opening doors, giving/receiving flowers/chocolates, and stuff like that? Frank is all about that life. The problem is that he feels like a sap for it, and is really flustered when giving or receiving these gestures.

When it comes to giving and receiving romantic affection, Frank would rather give the affection than receive, but both are extremely satisfying to him. He’d rather give affection since it makes him feel good to make others feel good, so a partner who is receptive to romantic love is optimal.

Frank gets embarrassed easy, so he shines best with patient people, and significant others who are encouraging and supportive. Banter is not his strong suit, so abrasive personalities are harder for him to navigate, understand, and connect.

I don’t have a specific favorite romantic orientation headcanon for Frank. I’m pretty open to interpreting him, depending on the narrative I’m thinking, in most ways except aro or other gray romantic orientations.

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Summer loving — Liam and Zayn

Fan Art credit: billyxkaplan


Liam, Safi & Zayn — the Maliks
(from the Run For the Woods Now series)

Fan Art Commission by: billyxkaplan